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We are a member of The NIPSEA Group - No. 1 Paint & Coatings Group in Asia Pacific

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Why Nippon Paint Vietnam?

Established in Japan in 1881, Nippon Paint has become the largest paint & coatings manufacturer in Asia Pacific. Til now we have over 30,000 employees across 35 countries and geographical locations.

Since 2016, Nippon Paint Group global expansion is not limited to geography but also towards beyond paint business: Acquisition of  Bollig & Kemper (Germany) in 2016; Dunn-Edward (USA) in 2017; and in 2019, DuluxGroup Limited - a leading paints and construction chemicals manufacturing group in Australia; and Betek Boya - a leading paints and building materials company in the Turkish market; V-Tech - ASEAN's leading manufacturer of silicone and construction adhesives in 2021. And the most recent Cromology and JUB in Europe in 2022.

In Vietnam, Nippon Paint has set up three factories to ensure stable supply and actively provide comprehensive total coating & construction solutions for Vietnam market. We are also aware of our responsibility towards the local community and contribute our part to build a Beautiful Vietnam through different CSR activities: Plant trees to reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment; Renovate and paint houses for disadvantaged families; Colour public spaces including streets and community areas; Provide scholarships for students; etc. 


We are the No.1 paint brand in Asia Pacific, spanning over 15 countries with a heritage of 140 years.

Culture & Diversity:

The diversity in strength has helped to build an accepting and welcoming environment in Nippon Paint, pulsating with life, innovation and cultural exchange, where everyone has a voice and a chance to contribute. 


A multi-generation workforce that strives to be best in the industry.


Work with the most creative minds in the industry

Community Outreach: 

We invest in our resources and core competencies in countries where we operate, to help kindle growth and development in areas that face socio-economic challenges with our inclusive Business approach through the three Corporate Responsibility Pillars: Education, Empowerment and Environment.

Nippon Paint understand and work towards the needs of customers. Nippon Paint continue its journey towards a world full of beauty, full of colour. Nippon Paint is proud to take on responsibility of being environmentally-friendly.

Imagination Works With Technology Beautifully

Imaging a color isn’t as difficult as developing one.

Nippon Paint embraces the spirit of innovation and takes pride in surprising the world with new products that change the way people perceive and use paint. Crucial mix of talent and technology is highly respected at Nippon Paint.

While using technology to bring integrated cost effective solutions to the customers, Nippon Paint follows the motto of “No compromises”.

Ever surpassing its benchmarks, Nippon Paint has achieved majors breakthroughs in developing products with improved functionalities such as low odour, anti – corrosion, and temperature reducing properties

Decades of relentless research and development efforts have taken Nippon Paint to the cutting edge of water-borne automotive coatings and weather-resistant technologies

Breathing life Into The Landscape

Is it enough that urban landscapes look modern? Besides the aesthetics of structure, Nippon Paint with its durability, weather-resistant functions and unmatched quality, ensures that it’s kept well protected.

Nippon Paint responds to critical architectural needs with advanced end-to-end coating solutions and comprehensive customer service.

Protecting The World Beautifully

Paint provides not only protection to surfaces, but also allows color and beauty to flow in our lives and surroundings. This is the spirit and culture that Nippon Paint embraces. Paint is more than just a covering that protects wood or wall, cement or plasters, metal or plastic. Paint is color. A color that attracts, encourages fun, spreads creativity and beauty.

Life at Nippon Paint Vietnam

Inside review about Nippon Paint Vietnam

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  • Event & Communication - 1621933673
    Pros: - Môi trường làm việc năng động & chuyên nghiệp, đồng nghiệp thân thiện. - Được thử sức ở nhiều dự án lớn nhỏ khác nhau. Sứ mệnh của công ty không chỉ đầu tư vào sản phẩm và hoạt động kinh doanh mà còn làm nhiều hoạt động vì cộng đồng. - Cơ hội gặp gỡ và làm việc cùng các đồng nghiệp ở các nước khác trong khu vực Châu Á. - Được training nhiều kĩ năng và chuyên môn phục vụ công việc. - Văn hóa làm việc: đúng giờ, có trách nhiệm, nhanh và hiệu quả, luôn vì lợi ích tập thể thay vì lợi ích cá nhân. Nhân viên tại Nippon Paint Việt Nam đa số luôn có mức gắn bó tại công ty từ 3 - 5 - 10 năm.
  • Online Marketing - CSR - Event Team Leader - 1588131902
    Pros: - Friendly working environment - Despite a long established history, Nippon Paint Vietnam encourages start-up spirit in its operation. New ideas are always welcomed. - Close connection with Nippon Paint in other countries to enable you to learn from diversified markets and cultures. - A responsible company toward its local country.
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